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About Us

MBS Team

Caring for the health of people’s eyes and their vision is a huge responsibility which requires training and skill in many areas, including communication. Since 1994, eye care professionals like you have been connecting with their patients using recall cards, greeting cards, and promotional products from MBS Communications.

The bonds eye care professionals make when they communicate with their patients are precious and vital for maintaining healthy, growing practices and businesses. Their communications not only influence the health but also the happiness of their patients.

For those reasons, we take great care to design high-quality, effective products infused with our small-town, Midwestern values. Hard work, dedication, and neighborliness are at the heart of what we do at MBS. We offer fast and friendly service because we believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. Knowing that philosophy reaches beyond our interactions and into the lives of everyday people like ourselves fuels our work.